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Google ‘Florida Man’ followed your birthday – What you get

Florida Man is a social media challenge. “Google Florida Man followed by your birthday and told me what you get” seemed to start on Tumblr and spread to Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit recently. Florida Man and birthday has become new trending novelty.

The result would be some random news Florida headlines, but somehow (funny ways) it matches with your birthday. Anyway, it merely a joke, so don’t be too serious if you found that it is a murder or rob a bank.

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Are you ready to try this trending challenge? Let’s open Google and type “Florida Man + [Your Birthday]” and told me what you got. Down below is 10 random “Florida Man” challenge:

Florida Man Jan 11th

Florida man put semen in coworker’s water.

Florida Man Feb 24th

Florida man attacked by a ‘crazy squirrel’ gone nuts. And it was raised by a neighbor.

Florida Man Mar 17th

Florida man narrowly escapes crash at Taco Bell.

Florida Man April 1st

Florida man mistakes corpse of 96-year-old suicide victim for April Fool’s prank and hurls the woman’s body into a dumpster.

Florida Man May 9th

Florida man poised for guilty plea proceeding in New York

Florida Man Jun 28th

Florida man heard during sexual assault because he left video game mic on.

Florida Man July 15th

Florida man planned to set building on fire to ‘kill all Jews’.

Florida Man August 30th

Florida man Vladimir Putin (not that one) arrested on trespassing charges.

Florida Man Sep 1st

Florida man accused of shooting at home after woman leaves negative restaurant review.

Florida Man Oct 10th

Florida man sues Tesla over autopilot feature, crash.

Florida Man Nov 7th

Florida Man jumps into alligator pit, gets bit, claims he was held captive.

Florida Man Dec 22th

Florida man sentenced for a fatal hit-and-run crash.

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