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Bangtan Boys are also known as BTS. The group’s Korean name is Bangtan Sonyeondan. A 7-member Korean hip-hop group officially launched on June 13, 2013, founded by Big Hit Entertainment president – Bang Sihyuk.

“Bangtan” means bulletproof ability, so we can understand Bangtan Boys are the guys who block the imposition of the younger generation while protecting their hip-hop music from these prejudices.

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Some pretty random facts about BTS member

  1. Jimin
  2. RM
  3. V
  4. Suga
  5. Jin
  6. J-Hope
  7. JungKook



  • Jimin’s favorite Avenger is Hulk (because of everyone like Iron Man).
  • When Jimin was young, a dog had bitten him. He thought that he had sexy legs and the dog wanted to catch him. (He was perverted even then).
  • V and Jimin are close on a very personal level (they talk to each other about that kind of stuff and are the same ago so).
  • Jimin said he’s not good at cooking.



  • RM chops onions with the flat side up, but probably doesn’t anymore since it was filmed.
  • RM is an atheist.
  • RM gets panicked when he can’t find his lip balm.
  • RM’s IQ is 148.



  • V plays the saxophone.
  • V can speak fluent Japanese.
  • V was the last member to be revealed. Jimin was the last to join.
  • V likes “Singing in the Rain” by Gene Kelly.
  • V doesn’t like the taste of coffee.



  • Suga once wrote a letter to a radio station talking about his awkward middle school relationship.
  • Suga likes to drink iced Americanos on an empty stomach.
  • Suga treats Jungkook out to lamb skewers a lot. He’s almost going broke because of this.
  • Suga thinks J-Hope’s sister is just the girl version of J-Hope.
  • Suga’s stage name when he was in a rapping group was Gloss.



  • Jin, owns a full set of pink clothing, including socks, and made another member wear the pink clothing during run BTS fashion show.
  • Jin likes to eat a lot and try many kinds of food, so he does a lot of exercises to lose weight, and so he can eat more.
  • Jin once cut his hair with kitchen scissors in the bathroom.
  • Jin loves Mario. Like, a lot.



  • Before getting into the BTS, J-Hope is very famous in Gwangju dance underground, many people have known his name, even J-Hope this BTS also has had its underground dance team.
  • When J-hope has a superpower, he wants to read people heart and knows the truth
  • Before debut, J-hope hate doing aegyo, but now he changes his mind for his fans
  • J-Hope refuses to get his ears pierced because he’s afraid his dad will yell at him.



  • Jungkook laughs like the Wilson sisters from the White Chicks.
  • Jungkook was sent to the United States for a year to work on his dancing because his dance had “no feeling.”
  • Jungkook and Yugyeom (GOT7) are very close friends.
  • Jungkook is afraid of girls. (not like scary, he avoids conversation and ARMY has made a joke out of it)

Credit sources: Quora


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