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NBA Quiz: Guess Name the NBA Player by Their Childhood Picture?

Are you a big fan of the professional basketball league in North America – NBA? Try guess to see how many NBA players you might know in this fun NBA quiz.

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Here are some hint you might need to solve NBA quiz

Picture 1

He grew up in Washington, D.C. He favorite team growing up was the Toronto Raptors, with Vince Carter being his favorite player.

Picture 2

He was born in Akron Ohio but grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. His father played for the Charlotte Hornets. He and his brother used to shoot around with their father’s team during warm-ups and were always around basketball. Now, both are in the NBA.

Picture 3

He was born in Palmdale, California. He started his career playing organized basketball at Knight High School and went to Fresno State for two years before deciding on moving up to the NBA.

Picture 4

He grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began to play basketball at three years old and even played overseas for a while. He was a standout player in high school and was recruited by the Charlotte Hornets before being swapped to the Lakers.

Picture 5

He was born in Compton, California. He made a name for himself during his senior year where he averaged 35 points, seven assists, and five rebounds per game.

Picture 6

He grew up in Los Angeles, California. He started playing basketball at a young age and was even little league teammates with the Cavs power forward, Kevin Love. He went to Washington State University for three years before announcing for the NBA Draft.

Picture 7

He was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After focusing on baseball and football as a child, Griffin began to devote his time to basketball as he entered the ninth grade. He played basketball with his brother at Oklahoma and was selected number one overall in the 2009 Draft.

Picture 8

He grew up in Würzburg, Germany. The seven-foot forward for the Dallas Mavericks grew tall as a child, and his basketball skills attracted the attention of a German International player who trained him to be the arguably the best European player in history.

Picture 9

He was born in Chicago Illinois, and he did not have the best childhood. Despite the struggles at home with his mother, he looked towards basketball as an escape from the hard times he had to endure. Now all his hard work has paid off as he’s helped bring the Miami Heat, three NBA championships.

Picture 10

He was born in Akron Ohio; he picked up the basketball game at the age of nine. Moving around a lot of a young age didn’t stop him from playing the sport that he loved. He became a standout player in only high school and was on the cover of Sports Illustrated his senior year. Since being selected first overall in 2003, his career has gone nowhere but up. As the star forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he has made his case as one of the best to ever play the game.

Credit Sources : Cavsnation

  • Question of


    NBA player quiz
    • Kevin Durant
    • Kawhi Leonard
    • Steven Adams
  • Question of


    NBA player quiz
    • Stephen Curry
    • Eric Gordon
    • Kyle Lowry
  • Question of


    NBA player quiz
    • Paul George
    • Tobias Harris
    • Jaylen Brown
  • Question of


    • Kobe Bryant
    • Nikola Jokic
    • Lou Williams
  • Question of


    NBA player quiz
    • Brandon Jennings
    • Jayson Tatum
    • Brandon Ingram
  • Question of


    NBA player quiz
    • Klay Thompson
    • DeMar DeRozan
    • Kemba Walker
  • Question of


    • Blake Griffin
    • Draymond Green
    • John Wall
  • Question of


    • Dirk Nowitzki
    • Kristaps Porzingis
    • Khris Middleton
  • Question of


    NBA player quiz
    • Dwyane Wade
    • Devin Booker
    • Donovan Mitchell
  • Question of


    NBA player quiz
    • LeBron James
    • Karl-Anthony Towns
    • Paul George

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