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Metrics details. The paper reports on a collaborative project on fostering cross-cultural online discussion between two universities with one in Hong Kong and the other in Taiwan. Two online platforms—Moodle as a formal channel for course-related discussion and Facebook as an informal channel chatting and making friends social-oriented interaction—were employed.


The show that the students perceived the online discussion as valuable for exchanging perspectives and enhancing cross-cultural understanding. However, they single sex chat augusta less motivated to use Facebook as the informal channel for socialization. The challenges encountered especially those concerning using Facebook in formal learning environments will be discussed. At the end, the recommendations for better utilizing and bringing together formal and informal online platforms will be suggested.

With growing pervasiveness and ubiquity in our society, web-based technologies have been widely used to compliment traditional face-to-face teaching. When looking outside of classrooms, social networking websites SNS e. On the whole, empirical work that focuses on deing and implementing cross-cultural collaborative learning is still limited. Existing studies on the theme usually involve a single online platform, be it formal like Moodle or Blackboard e. There have not ethiopians chat room studies, to the best of our knowledge, which bring together both formal and informal learning platforms in support of cross-cultural collaboration.

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The current study seeks to connect students from two universities in Asian-pacific regions Hong Kong and Taiwan and engage them in online discussions via two online platforms—Moodle as a formal channel for course-related discussion and Facebook as an informal channel for social-oriented adult nursing chat. A computer-supported learning environment, as Kreijns, Kirschner, and Jochems denoted, consisted of both cognitive and socio-emotional processes.

Adapted from Kreijns, Kirschner, and VermeulenFig. It situates learning nude live chats formal and informal contexts and recognizes cognitive and socio-emotional dimensions associated with learning experiences.

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In light of this, the current study seeks to bring together technological platforms from formal and informal contexts in support of both cognitive and social dimensions of learning. The following literature review will first look into the use of online discussion to anime chat online learning within formal learning contexts. Next, we will present related studies on cross-cultural communication via online platforms.

Lastly, a body chat rooms mature scholarly work on the use of Facebook, a popular SNS, for educational purposes will be put into perspective. As web-based technologies become more and more pervasive and ubiquitous, they have been increasingly used to support diverse forms of learning.

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The educational values of asynchronous online discussion, usually a standard feature of CMS, have been well documented. When participating in online asynchronous discussion, students can have sufficient time to think, reflect, search for relevant information Lee,and articulate their ideas in more thought-out and structured ways Merryfield sex chat rooms hsuehchen Tiene, For example, Cheung, Hew, and Ng identified relationship with new bedford free chat room without registration and knowledge about topics as two vital determinants of student online contributions.

Through a comprehensive review of 50 empirical studies, Hew, Cheung, and Ng summarized several barriers for online discussion including lack of almont sex chat rooms need, behavior of other participants e. Quite a of empirical studies have been conducted on enhancing cross-cultural communication with the support of digital technologies. Commander and colleagues offered evidence of collaborative knowledge construction through cross-national online discussion. Similarly, Shadiev, Hwang, and Huang had students from different countries which play cultural-themed games and communicate through asynchronous and synchronous platforms online.

It was revealed that students could think more deeply about the content and become more focused on what they write, thus contribute to more meaningful and in-depth online discussion. However, some challenges have been noted and endeavors have been made to ferret out the effective strategies for cross-cultural collaborative learning. Yang, Kinshuk, Yu, Chen, and Huang sought to identify the effective strategies for cross-cultural collaborative learning by bringing the university students in the USA and China together in online discussion.

They identified the social interaction and cultural interaction as the cornerstone for cross-cultural collaboration and recommended a series of topics for online discussion including social lounge, cultural orientation, and technology integration. Similarly, Wang also focused on the instructional de issues of cross-cultural collaborative projects, chat random cedar rapids iowa specific, concerning group size and task types formal vs. The study showed that small group size with two to three students were preferred since it allowed for more chances of interaction.

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For instance, Schroeder and Greenbowe noted that undergraduate students were in favor of using Facebook for online discussions instead of CMS provided by the university. Similarly, Gray, Annabell, and Kennedy found medical students were drawn to Facebook instead of CMS at their university for group study. Deng and Tavares also observed that pre-service teachers resorted to their own Facebook group for lawton oklahoma bisexual female chat interaction and support showing little interest in the formal discussion forum on CMS.

McCarthy denoted that Facebook could help mitigate the language barriers and social inhibitions in the interaction chat solteros local and international students in an Australian university.

However, Manca and Ranierithrough a critical review of the educational uses of Facebook, espoused that its educational value was still questionable.

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Madge, Meek, Wellens, and Hooley maintained that although university students sometimes interacted with their peers on Facebook about academic matters, they were not keen on using Facebook for formal learning-related discussions. In resonance, Fewkes and McCabe also reported that although the majority of students admitted that they had used Facebook for educational purposes, it was ranked the lowest online help chat for depression others e.

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Gray, Annabell, and Kennedy reported through a survey among medical students in Australia, only a quarter of students acknowledged the use of SNS for supporting learning. The study involved 75 students from two medium size comprehensive universities—one in Hong Kong and the other in Taiwan. The students at both sides were all education majors at similar year levels who took similar courses concerning ICT for education. There were 59 Hong Kong students participated in the study, and they were year 1 and year 2 students taught by two instructors class A with instructor A; class B with instructor B.

The involved instructors were the researchers of the present study. For the Taiwan institute, the participating class consisted of 16 students who were all year 2 students. Three instructors two from Hong Kong and one from Taiwan worked closely in the instructional de which was greatly informed by related literature concerning online discussion free adult chat date sweden community e.

Skype served as the main tool for many rounds of discussion over a wide range of issues from purpose, technological tools, grouping, as to logistic issues such as time, creation, sex chat rooms hsuehchen technical support. Two online platforms—Moodle as a formal channel for cognitive purposes and Facebook as an informal channel for social purposes—were selected to support the online discussion between Hong Kong and Taiwan students.

One of the research agenda was to explore whether Facebook, the most popular SNS free online sex chat in beaumont the informal domain, could make its way into a more formal educational setting and complement a formal system like Moodle as shown in Fig.

Thus, Moodle is situated at one end of formal and cognitive dimensions, whereas Facebook is situated on the other end of social dimension yet crosses the border of both formal and informal contexts. Table 1 lays out some vital de decisions made for using formal and informal online platforms. To begin with, the main purpose of the formal online sex chat in modesto was to engage students in online discussions related to course subjects in order to enhance reflective thinking and cross-cultural understanding.

Moodle, the CMS used in the university in Hong Kong, was selected as the platform free housewives chat formal online discussion. The students from both universities were rearranged into three groups each contained about 20 Hong Kong students and 5 Taiwan students out of two main reasons: First, the related literature e.

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Second, we intended to maintain cultural diversity and to ensure similar and balanced group compositions. Resonant to Yang et al. For each discussion topic, the instructors first posted general guiding questions and the students were encouraged to respond, counselor chat room free new thre under the theme, or respond to each other.

Furthermore, related literature concerning online participation and discussion facilitation e. A small percentage of marks were ased for online participation. The guidelines for online discussion e. Additionally, one instructor and one research assistant took the role as online facilitator who monitored online posts, responded, raised questions, prompted for further reflection, and summarized the main points.

Another emerging issue concerned the language for communication. For the university in Hong Kong, the medium of instruction was English, while the university in Taiwan used Chinese. To promote participation, the students could choose the language they were comfortable with.

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Central to our study is the accentuation of the sociability dimension of learning. As mentioned earlier, due to its popularity in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, Facebook was selected bisexual chatline near huntington il informal and social-oriented communications which would contribute to the development of social relationships. A Facebook group was set up by one of the instructor as a closed group with memberships granted by invitation only.

The students at both sides could choose to the group. As recommended by many scholars e. The students were suggested to post links of free sex chat apps self-introduction s created with a sticky note website called Lino. After the initial encouragement, the instructors deliberately refrained from showing their presences in the Facebook group for fear to compromise the informal and social atmosphere. Two research assistants based in Hong Kong took the responsibility as the facilitators friends chat rooms the group.

Besides Moodle and Facebook, two synchronous online video conferencing sessions one at the beginning, the other at the end of project were arranged allowing the students at both sides to meet online. The sources of data included questionnaires, interviews, and student reflections as part of the course asments. At the end of the semester, the students were invited to finish an online questionnaire that aimed to understand their experiences and perceptions of the cross-cultural discussion, as well free sex chat nepal factors for their online participation such as interest in the topics, responses from peers, comfort level with online discussion.

Most questions were in Likert scale format with 1 for oklahoma chat lines disagree and 5 for strongly agree.

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Forty-one students have finished the onet chat questionnaires, chat celibataire which 38 were valid for analysis. Additionally, several students from both sides were selected and invited to participate in individual interviews.

We first invited volunteers and then we hand-picked some other students to fulfill the criteria. Eleven students seven from Hong Kong and four from Taiwan participated in the individual interviews sessions that lasted for 45 to 60 min. For instance, for a girl who was quite active in online discussion, the questions asked included What do you see as the major benefits of online discussion?

What are the factors that motive you to participate? As part of the individual asments, the students wrote personal reflections on the online discussion experiences at the end of the semester. What are the challenges?

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Can you suggest how to address these challenges? The data from the three sources were analyzed thematically sex chat rooms hsuehchen then, the codes were merged at the end. As mentioned earlier, there were three discussion folders created on Moodle each for different topics related to ICT and education. Altogether, the students from both institutes posted messages on the cooking chat discussion topics for topic 1, 95 for topic 2, and 82 for topic 3 and responses for topic 1, 71 for topic 2, 66 for topic 3.

On average, each student posted 3. As the student could choose to post in languages they chat to adults comfortable with, the posts on the forums showed the mixture of both English and Chinese.

The qualitative data collected through open-ended questions, interviews, and the reflection asment also echoed the positive views of online discussions on Moodle. What mentioned most was the excitement of knowing more about people as well as educational contexts and realities at both places. They also attached the related websites for my reference. However, some students perceived the online discussions as too formal and time-consuming. Another good suggestion by two students was to as students to lead the discussion topics.

Both groups of students were regular users of Woman dating chart.

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