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Someone hurting you like this is never your fault. Sexual assault or abuse means any unwanted sexual contact. Rape is when someone forces or pressures you into having sex.

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Rape usually means forced vaginal, anal, or oral penetration by a body part or object. Free porn chat line has the right to decide what happens to their own bodies. If a teacher or other adult in your life tries to touch or kiss you sexually or asks you to do anything sexual to them, tell another adult you trust as soon as possible. Rape, sexual abuse, or sexual assault free sex chat line alpes de haute provence happen to anyone, no matter how old they are, or what racegenderor sexual orientation they are.

Most victims of sexual assault are female, but 1 out of every 5 victims is male. How do you prevent sexual abuse, rape, or sexual assault? Ask for their consent first.

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If you experienced sexual assault, abuse, or rape, you may be feeling shocked, scared, and uncertain of what to do next. Get to someplace safe as soon as possible. Your safety is important.

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Depending on where you are, you might want to get to an area with more people, or find someone to help you. If you change your clothes, take free chat lines boston clothes you were wearing during the assault to the hospital or police department in a paper bag.

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Tell a parent, guardian, or another adult in your life who you trust. They can help you figure out what to do xxx adult chat rooms free, which might include seeing a doctor or nurse for an exam or calling the police. See a doctor or nurse.

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Medical care is important after a sexual assault. You can go to the emergency room or you may be able to go to your nearest Planned Parenthood health center.

Sexual assault, abuse & rape

The doctors and nurses who take care of people after sexual assault are usually specially trained. They know how to be gentle, caring, and sensitive.

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They will:. Give you medical care that may include emergency contraception if there is a risk of pregnancytests for STDsand medicine to help prevent HIV post-exposure prophylactics.

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Evidence might include semen, hair, or skin cells from the person who assaulted you. Get help from an expert. They can tell you about your options and connect you with local resources. A rape crisis center in your area can help you find a doctor or nurse, counselor, and other support. Your nearest Planned Parenthood health center may also be able to help. Decide if you want to talk to the police. Sexual assault is a crime, and you have the right to report it to the police if you want to.

You can call them yourself or ask a rape dirty talking roleplay counselor or a parent, guardian, or someone else you trust to do it for you.

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If you choose to speak with the police, you may teen flirt chats to have someone with you for support. You can have someone you trust like a family member or friend there, or have a trained advocate with you. RAINN may be able to connect you with one of these advocates. It can take a lot of time to feel safe again after abuse or sexual assault.

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So can connecting with other people who have been through the same thing, like a support group or with people you grass valley sex chat camera know. Unfortunately, many people experience sexual abuse, assault, or rape at some point in ms chat lives. You can get through this — and there are people who can help. One of the biggest things you can do is to just be there. Dealing with any kind of sexual violence takes time.

RAINN has really great information on how hearing about this stuff might make you feel and how you can take care of yourself.

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