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Free webcam online chat Your Online Tutor Now. Standing for shaking my headSMH is an internet slang initialism variously used to convey disappointment, disapproval, frustration, or impatience. SMH is very frequently used in diverse forms of digital communication, especially in black internet communities.

What does smh mean?

SMH is also incorporated grammatically in text e. The tone of SMH often implies an impatience with a perceived unnecessary stupidity of voice sex chat person or process.

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SMH is often issued to preface what the user is disappointed or frustrated by e. GIFs of people shaking their he captioned with smh are popular on GIF keyboards, and can be sent via text message or attached to tweets as a reaction image.

Where does smh come from?

SMH is also intensified, most commonly as smdh shaking my damn head but also smfh shaking my fucking headand smmfh no registration essen chat room my motherfucking head. Less often, SMH will stand for so much hateshowing or commenting on disdain, or s cratching my headused for puzzlement.

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The internet slang is not be confused with the common abbreviation of the Australian newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald. This is not meant to be a formal definition of SMH like most terms we define on Dictionary.

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Where does SMH come from? We probably don't deserve what could fallout chat the coolest bus stop in the world.

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I love having to ask vendors stupid questions because the boss asks me to do so smh. Popular now. Who uses SMH?

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