Korean makeup cosmetic set (VT X BTS) THE SWEET SPECIAL EDITION

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Product Description

(VT X BTS) THE SWEET SPECIAL EDITION SET is a cosmetic set combining cosmetic company VT Cosmetics and South Korean boy band BTS.

Made in Korea
Brand: VT X BTS

This special edition is a quick, light, and beautiful make-up set including 02 lipstick tint and 01 lightweight foundation cushion, good coverage:
– 1 box of The Sweet Glossy Cushion.
– 2 lipstick lipsticks The Sweet Mousse Lisp Fluid.
– A card with a BTS card inside

1. The Sweet Glossy Cushion: Includes 2 tones
21_Ivory for light-colored skin;
23_Beige for natural and slightly dark skin.
The product has good coverage, lasts all day. But its texture is not thick, on the contrary, it is very thin, light, not sticky, has a natural lifting effect, suitable for both students who are studying offline.

2. The Sweet Mousse Lip Fluid
Made in Korea
Brand: VT X BTS

Liptint products include two colors
01_VelvetBurgundy: red velvet;
02_RosyPeach: coral

As a tinted lipstick, so brush on the lips extremely soft, not dry lips but very durable, despite eating, still keep the natural pink finish.
Soft melt mousse texture.
Smooth, soft lipstick color suitable for wearing thin and light.
Product includes: 1 cushion 12g + 2 lipstick (01, 02) 4.5g / 1 ingot
Ingredient :
CUSHION – Water, ginseng fruit, raspberry, pomegranate, apple, raw tree oil, rose essential oil, jojoba seed oil, kernel oil, avocado oil, red oxide, yellow oxide, black oxide …
SON – Dimethicone, three tilpi, polyglycery- 2 isostearate, siloxane cyclohexadiene, titanium dioxide, tocopheryl acetate, red 104 in 1, red oxide, manganese violet, flavorings, etc.

Using :
– Use after skincare, use as a foundation, gently suck on the surface of the skin, can use powder, or not use powder if you like the skin stretch effect.
– You shake the cream evenly to make the lipstick color, do not settle on the bottom, when it is smooth, it will be smoother on the lips.
– Use lip liner with the same tone if you like. Lip lips before applying lipstick will make it easier to shape your lips.
– Take a moderate amount of VT Velvet Lip Lacquer lipstick, apply evenly to the lower lip first. When the lower lip dry, then apply the upper lip. You should apply lipstick between the lips to the side.

  • Store lipstick in a cool, dry place. Close the product after each use.

EXP: November 28, 2021


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