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Even Ranking Challenger You Can’t Pass This League of Legends Quiz

Hey, what are doing you guys? After my IQ test, I’m going to create a quiz about a game – for more fun. And the topic today is League of Legends quiz. Need no more introduce, League of Legends is the very famous MOBA game nowadays, but in my first impressions, I don’t like it because of its gameplay, graphics or else (yet but not much). Then because of its story, it’s about the Universe of LOL. Yes, it is League of Legends lore.

Universe of League of Legends

The first time I uncover the LOL lore, I was hooked right away. And yes, I do. I see the story is excellent not least than any novel or movie I ever have seen. So I hope I will find more friend have the same feeling with me by the quiz. If you love the lore also, it’s easy as ABC. Let’s get it.

  • Who has been sealed his consciousness in a sword?

    league of legends quiz 01
    • AATROX
    • JAX
    • PYKE
  • Who is part human and part dark-in, the union of Valmar and Kai?

    league of legends quiz 02
    • VARUS
    • SYNDRA
    • SHEN
    • RAKAN
  • What is the name of Kayn’s weapon?

    league of legends quiz 03
    • RHAAST
  • Who is the Hand of Noxus – the great symbol of Noxian?

    league of legends quiz 04
    • DARIUS
    • DRAVEN
    • RIVEN
    • SWAIN
  • What is the full name of Katarina?

    league of legends quiz 05
    • Katarina Du Couteau
    • Katarina De Couteau
    • Katarina De Couter
    • Katarina Du Couter
  • Who is Cassiopeia’s mom?

    league of legends quiz 06
    • Soreana
    • Medusa
    • Katarina
    • Black Rose
  • Who was a guardian of knowledge and peerless strategist whose wisdom guided the ancient empire of Shurima?

    • NASUS
    • AZIR
    • AMUMU
    • XERATH
  • Who deserved the title Gatekeeper of Shurima?

    • SIVIR
  • Who was a mortal emperor of Shurima?

    • AZIR
    • XERATH
    • NASUS
  • Who is have a brother named Yone?

    league of legends quiz 10
    • YASUO
    • ZED
    • SHEN
    • XAYAH
  • Who was the establishment of the Trifarix?

    league of legends quiz 11
    • SWAIN
    • SION
    • TALON
  • Who is a master of ancient forbidden sorcery such as control the minds and bodies of others, crafting flesh and transmuting blood?

    • SWAIN
    • NASUS
  • Who has made Miss Fortune’s gun?

    league of legends quiz 13
    • Her mother
    • Her father
    • Her-self
    • Her brother
  • Who is the wanted man in every realm, city, and empire?

    league of legends quiz 14
    • GRAVES
    • PYKE
  • Who is the leader of the Order of Shadow?

    • ZED
    • VARUS
    • SHEN
  • Who entrusted with the sacred duty of Coursing the Sun?

    league of legends quiz 16
    • KENNEN
    • SHEN
    • AKALI
    • LEE SIN
  • Who is known as the son of Great Master Kusho?

    league of legends quiz 17
    • SHEN
    • ZED
    • WUKONG
    • YASUO
  • Who is the youngest and newest member of K/DA?

    league of legends quiz 18
    • AKALI
    • KAI’SA
    • AHRI
  • Who transformed from mortal into a creature inhuman by the bite of a vile demigod?

    league of legends quiz 19
    • ELISE
  • Who is the last student of the ancient martial art known as Wuju?

    • WUKONG
    • LEE SIN
    • KARMA

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Written by Chung Ang

Baseball fan, ninja, drummer, movie and critical gamer. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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