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Quiz: What iPhone Should I Get?

iPhone is the name that any smartphone’s user knows, is the phone brand of Apple famous for its simple but extremely luxurious design and utility with a unique app store along with the very smooth and optimal iOS operating system. When Apple recently released a new set of three iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max products, all older Apple phone generations simultaneously dropped their prices and now have excellent prices. The old Apple products stretch in many segments, so the question is what the iPhone device should I choose at this time?

Choosing to buy the best iPhone is not buying the highest price model or the newest model. It is the choice to buy a phone that is within the allowable budget and can use for a long time. Let’s choose the phone that you can take full advantage of its features, not letting any feature be dropped.

Therefore, you also need to reconsider the habit of using your smartphone. Do you look for a good smartphone for taking a photo or do you need a highly configurable phone? The quiz will give you some advice to help you get the most suitable iPhone for you.

  • Question /

    Which workplace makes you joyful at work?

    • Coffee Station
    • Library
    • My Home
    • Office
    • Online Platform
    • I enjoy my work everywhere
  • Question /

    What do you mostly use your phone for?

    • Working
    • Social app
    • Contacting
    • Watching movies
    • Taking photos
    • Playing game
  • Question /

    What kind of games do you like to play?

    • No, I don’t like to playing game (at least on my phone).
    • Casual
    • Action
    • Adventure
    • Puzzle
    • Other
  • Question /

    Thing to do when you wake up in the morning:

    • Turn off the alarm.
    • Checking your social account.
    • Take a selfie.
    • Check e-mail.
    • Check your task schedule.
    • Checking your work process
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    Choose one of these photos.

    • what iphone should i get
    • what iphone should i get
    • what iphone should i get
    • what iphone should i get
    • what iphone should i get
    • what iphone should i get
  • Question /

    If you have $1000 to buy a bag, which one is your choice:

    • My bag still good.
    • $25, whatever.
    • $100, it’s good for me.
    • $250, voila I got 2 coupons.
    • $500 wow, sale up to 50% off!
    • $999 I really love it!
  • Question /

    Which phone case would you buy?

    • No, thank you.
    • Mkeke Clear Anti-Scratch Shock Absorption Case – $10
    • Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case – $25
    • Zizo Bolt Series iPhone Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Holster – $17
    • Urban Armor Gear Plasma Series – $35
    • OtterBox Commuter Series Case – $45
  • Question /

    What is your the most recent app?

    • SMS
    • Instagram
    • Camera
    • Web Browser
    • Game
    • Mail
  • Question /

    What’s your phone battery percent?

    • 0~15%
    • 15~30%
    • 30~45%
    • 45~60%
    • 60~75%
    • 75~100%
  • Question /

    Last one, which mobile phone brand are you using?

    • Nokia
    • LG
    • Sony
    • Huawei
    • Samsung
    • Apple

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Written by Chung Ang

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